I Want To Meet A Local Slut

Sometimes finding a hottie isn’t what I need. I am not looking to find a classy lady to bring back to momma. When I’m alone in my hotel rooms on business trips, I want local sluts but don’t always know where to find them. On a recent trip when I was in desire of a local slut, I started thinking about find a prostitute. I was in an area of Nevada where there was some legal prostitution not too far away but I couldn’t pull the trigger.

I like the chase and the feeling that maybe I will lose. It’s like gambling. Finding hot local slut at an airport bar is a great reward for this old traveling troubadour. It isn’t necessarily just the sex, either. It’s this immediate connection you make because we both know we want the same thing our our initial gaze. It’s all about figuring out how to play the game as we go.

Her name was Lucy. I sat down after a long flight and knowing I had some time to kill before my ride showed up. It was a dimly lit airport bar I’m grown accustomed to, but I can never get enough of those stripper miniskirts. The first thing I remember seeing after that flight, in fact the only thing I remember seeing after that flight were her legs. She had these legs that you just want to attach your face to as you see them. The were clean and tan with smooth silky skin. Too sexy for any other woman to handle, but not Lucy. She knew just how to work them.

I played my typical slut game. I sit down, have a beer, eventually give her a confident (but not creepy) gaze until she meets my eyes. Then I look away and eventually try to start a conversation with someone else in the bar. The whole idea is to leverage others in the bar to make myself look more important than I really am. Build up the tension.

It’s almost like writing a story. You want to give a little foreshadowing (give her a look) while you’re building your story (talking to other strangers in the bar) so you can build it all up to a climax… in your hotel room.

It’s a delicate art that a lot of guys don’t fully understand. It’s important to keep reading feedback along the way and be very dramatic. You can get a local slut to love you or hate you, but just make sure she pays attention. You can work with love or hate, but you can’t do anything with indifference.

So, back to my story.

I gave “legs” (Lucy) my best gaze which is basically also my James Dean impression. She acted like didn’t see me and I knew it was on. So I started talking to the bartender about controversial things in a loud voice so as to get some of the other guys at the bar involved in the conversation. The idea is to start conversation, get some of these guys drunk and then when it’s time to finally meet Lucy, I’ll have shown her that I am the alpha male in the bar.

You do need to be careful when your are using this strategy on sluts, because they could potentially make their move with another dude before you have a chance. Make sure you strike when the iron is hot and use this advice as a guideline. DOn’t be afraid to pivot and react to the situation.

So, after some heated discussion on concussions in the NFL with the guys, I was looking like a guy that could handle myself socially. So, then I like to do this thing where I get the guys talking about the girl I’m interested in. I asked them if they saw her legs. Every one of them had already noticed. The important part here is making sure she gets the idea that I got this whole group to give her some attention. This makes it look like I’m influential within the group when I’m the one who approaches her.

Finally, the moment of truth with Lucy the slut. I walked right up and asked her if she was being imported or exported. Still a clever line at an airport bar, if you ask me. Some women give you the look like they’re saying “ok that was cheesy” and others don’t really get it. This is where you really have to know the game. If she is being sassy but coy that is a great thing. Sure enough, her response was “you use that line with all the ladies?”

I told her “Only the ones worth talking to. Can I get you a drink?”

She said “sure” and within 90 minutes, we were at the local Ramada and she was fully satisfied.

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